Dream Subverted

By Rodney Mazinter

Benighted Nations unyielding in your Argus-eyed façade.

Your unfounded pride

Like a tower you raise

High above the city;

Fraudulent deceivers possessed by false hope, betrayed trust.

And behind your dark portals lie your creators,

Prisoners of your discontent.

They are more compromised than you,

Stripped of their honesty, of their virtue,

Bereft of their compassion, of their humanity,

And of all hope.

Nary a glimmer of an honest soul

In this oppressive air

Captive to their fear.

The founders’ dreams now re-forged by your delirium,

Eroding all people’s lives.

Millions dead, ignored in the name of Zion’s persecution.

And with each passing day-night.

Yes the night, its inky darkness

Possesses our minds

Bereft of time or hate.

Bigotry is the coin of your corruption.

Boldfaced lies are your devalued currency.

Blinkered minds eschew the simple truth.

Fairness, honesty and right do you abjure.

But, yet, there is a voice almost inaudible

That somehow finds an ear, a mind, a soul.

Can this be the faint stirrings of awakening God?

The sun, the enervated sun,

Its feeble light awakes the suppressed tide of righteousness.

Undertones of blood, of marrow,

The dashing of feeble wings against grotty windows

Like weak flashes that melt the pervasive darkness within.

Voices raised above the cacophony of ignorance and hate,

Can we yet arise in time to preserve chaste mankind’s fate?

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