Toward Redemption

By Rodney Mazinter

Published 2016

This is the second novel of two where the protagonists live their lives against the backdrop of real events that took place in Europe in the 20th Century.

It weaves a compelling and very human tale of how global political decisions impact the lives of ordinary people, leading to immeasurable hardship and tragic events.

The story revolves around a love affair that is kindled during a time of enormous historical upheaval and tragedy, and evolves as the struggle ensues for the redemption of a people; a saving and restoring them to the comity of nations and of man, thus freeing them from persecution.

  • Historical Fiction
  • Jewish History
  • Holocaust
  • Founding of Israel

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Review of Toward Redemption

By Dr. D. M. Scher

Writing a sequel is never an easy undertaking, but Rodney Mazinter has produced an excellent sequel to his 2016 book, By a Mighty Hand, which covered a broad sweep of the European world of the Jewish people in the first half of the twentieth century, with the ever-hovering Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the background.

Mazinter writes with the facility of a seasoned author. In the fashion of my favourite author, Robert Harris, he is able to blend fictitious characters with true historical events and personalities. Having done extensive research the book has the “feel” of authenticity, and the characters interface seamlessly with the often horrific and traumatic trials that Jews experienced at this time. Some passages are so expertly done, like the Exodus voyage, that the reader feels as if he is part of the unfolding drama.

As with his first novel, this book abounds with many a twist and surprise turn. Characters pop up in unexpected circumstances, but do not disturb the flow of the narrative. This requires great skill in writing, and in this respect, the author displays great craftsmanship.

Like a good storyteller, the author leaves the reader wanting to know more. What will happen next? Who does not like a “page-turner”?

A strength of this book is the writer’s easy style, The language is succinct and to the point. There is not a sentence that is incomprehensible – a great asset in a world where novels are sometimes unnecessarily prolix and unwieldy.

This book, as its predecessor, deserves a broad audience.

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